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Frank Phillips not only cared for children, he felt a deep responsibility to share the history of our country and our state with future generations. Today at Woolaroc, the mission and dream of Frank Phillips lives on. From our annual Kidsfest each June, to our Animal Barn and our new Children's Playground, they all serve as extensions of the mission. You may arrange your school group's visit by calling us at (918) 336-0307, Ext. 116 or email eat0@eau0eav0eaw0 in advance of the desired date. 

Kids from a local elementary school learning from Woolaroc's mountain men School children exploring the art and artifacts at Woolaroc's Museum

Learning through fun

For the children, having fun at Woolaroc is a learning process. From the baby animals to our playground toys, each one is a reminder of the history of the ground they play on. Only a few steps away from the Playground are the front doors to the incredible museum, and behind those doors lives the magic of the ages, a storybook of dreams, and a journey that rivals the greatest fiction.

A visitor to the Animal Barn holding a tiny chick A Woolaroc volunteer teaching school children about nature while they explore a creek

Experience the magic of Woolaroc

But these stories are real. They are part of Woolaroc and part of Frank Phillips — and now they are part of our children. Children love Woolaroc, for here MAGIC still happens every day! Welcome home … to Woolaroc.

A goat and a cow in their pens in Woolaroc's Animal Barn

Group Responsibilities and Guidelines

Welcome to Woolaroc! We are glad that you and your students chose to visit us, and we are looking forward to your visit! We want you to have the best experience possible, and if you have any questions while on your visit our staff or docents will be happy to help you. Please take a few minutes to address the following with your students and chaperones prior to your visit and before entering the museum:

  1. No food or drink is allowed in the museum at any time. Please leave all backpacks, large purses, sack lunches, or other bulky items on the bus while touring the museum. If any of these items are brought into the museum or lodge home you will be asked to return these items to your vehicle.
  2. No pens, pencils, or other writing instruments are allowed into any of our buildings. Adults are allowed to use a pencil for quizzes or scavenger hunts, but we strongly encourage you to bring a clipboard to write down your answers to prevent damaging items in the museum.
  3. No flash photography inside the buildings. Photography is permitted inside the museum and lodge home, and is a great way to document answers for your scavenger hunt!
  4. No touching paintings, sculptures, artifacts, or any other museum objects. The oil on your hands can cause serious damage to priceless art. Help us preserve the works of art by asking your students to keep their hands behind their backs, in their pockets, or at their sides.
  5. Please use quiet, inside voices inside the museum, lodge home, and animal barn. Seeing world-class art in the museum and baby animals in the petting barn can be very exciting, but please remind your students that your group is sharing the facilities with other guests and they deserve to have a great experience as well!
  6. No climbing on outside sculptures and fountains. We encourage you to take photos, but please help us preserve these items and keep everyone safe!
Chaperone Policy

We are thrilled that you are coming to visit, but we expect the museum to be treated with great respect by all visitors. As a chaperone, you can make sure that happens! If possible, we ask for one adult chaperone per 10 students for all school group visits. Chaperones should be prepared to correct poor student behavior as needed and monitor the group when visiting the Museum Gift Shop. Please remind your students to stay with your group, and make sure they understand the rules listed above. In the event it is necessary, chaperones need to be prepared to remove a student from the group if poor behavior continues and cannot be corrected.

Bus Parking

Once you arrive at the main grounds please follow the signs for bus parking. On busy days, you will be directed to an optimal parking area once you reach the main parking lot.

Please do not block either the entrance or exit to the parking areas. When unloading from your bus please move to a place away from the parking area to divide into groups.


Groups may bring sack lunches to eat outdoors on our main grounds. There are picnic tables and trash receptacles available outside the welcome center and playground. Indoor seating and the Prairie Dome Cafe is also available inside the Welcome Center. If you plan to eat lunch on the grounds, please mention this when reserving your visit.

Museum Gift Shop

The Museum Gift Shop has many wonderful items for children and adults. We encourage you to visit, but please monitor your group to avoid any embarrassing situations. In the event someone is caught shoplifting, a member of our staff may ask the student and a chaperone to leave the museum.

Please Sign the Guidelines

To help ensure a pleasant visit for you and your students, please download the Group Guidelines at the link below and then print, sign, and return them. Thank you!

Download Guidelines

Experience Woolaroc

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