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The Most popular place at Woolaroc

One of the most popular places at Woolaroc is our Animal Barn — originally the Dairy Barn for our founder, Frank Phillips. Over the years, the barn has been home to many different animals, including rabbits, chickens, goats, and calves.

A mom carrying her baby son on her shoulders outside Woolaroc's animal barn An ostrich looking over the fence outside Woolaroc's animal barn

Always something new

Four years ago, the barn received a much needed renovation with new pens, exhibits, and new incubators for the baby chicks. Each year, the exhibits get better and better, and now we even have a special room for all of our chickens to play in and a great habitat for the baby quail that are hatched at Woolaroc. If you haven’t been by to see it lately, put it on your list for your next visit. Kids of all ages (2 to 102!!) always seem to love it!

A fluffy brown rabbit at the animal barn Goats from Woolaroc's animal barnA goat and a cow in their pens at the animal barn A visitor to Woolaroc holding a chick

Experience Woolaroc

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