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Historic Reenactment of the 1840's

Woolaroc's Mountain Man Camp, led by brothers Wes and Roger Butcher, is a living history event that recreates the life of a fur trader in the 1840's. The camp started out as an unpaid test run some 25 years ago, and has since evolved into one of the signature pieces of Woolaroc.

Experience the life of a Fur Trader 

The camp features a very realistic reenactment of a Fur Trader’s Camp from around 1840. Guests can learn about how tipis were constructed to protect the traders from the elements of the weather and how they were made to assemble and disassemble for quick travel.

Want to learn how to throw a tomahawk or shoot a black powder long gun? The Mountain Man Camp is the place to be!

Experience More History

Woolaroc also hosts an annual Spring and Fall Trader’s Encampment that will have 100+ camps and tipis set up across the grounds, all period-correct from the mid-1800s. Be sure to check out our calendar of events to see when the next Trader's Encampment opens!

Next time you visit Woolaroc, take time to pull into the Mountain Man Camp. Whether it is your first time or you have seen it before, it is a special piece of the “magic of Woolaroc that can’t be duplicated!”

A mountain man teaching a child at WoolarocA mountain man shooting a rifle at Woolaroc

Experience Woolaroc

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