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Sherrie McGraw is one of the leading proponents of abstract realism—a term coined by Leffel and McGraw—which derives its name from the abstract appeal achieved when beautiful configurations of paint create a recognizable image. In this way, abstract realism combines the best of both worlds—the excitement of abstract painting, plus the satisfaction on a human level when the image is something that can be recognized. The result creates a visual undercurrent that quietly moves the viewer’s eye through a painting. A visual concept, independent of storytelling or literary intent, lends gravitas and visual delight to a painting and is the real reason a work of art captivates viewers for generations to come.

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McGraw's The Zia Pot

The Playthings of Time • oil • 30 x 28 in.

McGraw's The Mayan Bowl

The Mayan Bowl • oil • 21 x 17 in.

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